Flipping the Script Leadership Beyond the Title

08: The Psychology of Leadership

December 18, 2019 Cha'Lea Stafford Season 1 Episode 8
Flipping the Script Leadership Beyond the Title
08: The Psychology of Leadership
Show Notes

Like you, most leaders are out there, climbing mountains and being busy every day. We can find ourselves continually focused on an ever-expanding list of things to do, which creates stress and a lack of clarity. 

These moments can question your beliefs in yourself as a leader and make you feel like you aren’t growing, using the wrong strategies, or even perhaps, climbing the wrong mountain. 

How can we begin to take steps to audit our leadership? 

Meet Tony Brooks, psychologist and leadership specialist with over 20 years’ experience as a leader; highlights include managing a 7m+ direct marketing account and growing his own successful company since 2007.

Throughout Tony’s continued work on himself, his Psychological studies, and his work with 1000s of leaders, he has come to one critical conclusion: Your mindset is the key to your future growth, success, and fulfillment. Not only as a leader but in your life as a whole!

We’ll Explore: 

  • How the way we process life impacts our leadership style.
  • The power of understanding your leadership strategy and the impact it creates.
  • Why saying “I will try” is a lack of assertive language and the simple tweak to practicing certain communication.

You’ll Discover: 

  • How to integrate your leadership development plan from work to life.
  • How to audit your leadership using the wheel of life and psychometric testing. 
  • How to harness your leadership assessment results for growth 

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