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Flipping the Script Leadership Beyond the Title

Cha'Lea Stafford

For purpose-driven leaders and organizations seeking to consciously challenge, evolve, and lead their success beyond the title. There is no sugar coating or filler motivation here. When it comes to leadership, we're bringing you the organic experience on what it means to lead the complexities of your success throughout work and life. Cha'Lea Stafford is a successful ex-corporate executive, entrepreneur, speaker, and a diverse sales leader who has lead high performing teams throughout the nation. Before the official title, pay, and accolades, she was leading through some of the most challenging moments of her life as she overcame the boundaries of adversity, climbed the corporate ladder, and flipped the script on her story. She is now on a mission to break the mold of leadership development to meet the needs of the 21st-century leaders. Join us as we bring you the best guest experts in the industry ranging from fortune 500 executives, authors, consultants, and entrepreneurs who share their unique perspectives to fuel your growth and transform the way you execute on your success beyond the title.
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