Flipping the Script Leadership Beyond the Title

05: Design Your Life Beyond the Boundaries of 9-5

October 22, 2019 Cha'Lea Stafford / Latisha Springer Season 1 Episode 5
Flipping the Script Leadership Beyond the Title
05: Design Your Life Beyond the Boundaries of 9-5
Show Notes

Are you ready to do more, be your best, and live as big as you can?

Get ready to embrace challenges, get uncomfortable, and enter into the unknown. We’re exploring how a single mother with a vision, ambition, and strategy fueled her career, investments, and education to quit her job and travel the world fulltime (with her daughter!). She has now traveled to more than 70 cities in 15 countries across 4 continents. 

Latisha Springer is an authentic leader worth following who has flipped the script on her story. She has been on her own since she was 16 and had to flee an unhealthy home as a teenager to begin challenging and unlearning the limiting beliefs that shaped her early life experiences. 

After giving birth to her beautiful daughter at a young age, she was determined to live beyond the confinements of our own boundaries, literally. 

We’ll Explore: 

  • How Latisha leveraged her career challenges and successes to align her moves with her vision to one day leave the corporate world and travel the world fulltime. 
  • How she saved approximately $55,000 cash, and bought a foreclosed house and earned an MBA with honors debt-free from a top-ranked program. 
  • How overcoming a difficult background made her strive not to be a statistic and obtain the "American Dream," but after climbing the ladder, she realized it wasn't what fulfilled her, and she was now part of another statistic. 
  • Within two weeks she quit her job, graduated from grad school, and landed in Santiago, Chile with her daughter. What happened next? 

You’ll Discover: 

  • How frugal and intentional living can fuel your dreams if you're patient.
  • Her experiences across foreign lands that changed her perspectives 
  • How to gain new experiences to stretch yourself beyond what you know to be your normal (no passport required). 
  • How to embrace the excitement of the unknown, unpredictability of the foreign, and the challenges required to challenge it. 

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